The Incentive Marketing Platform

Repeat customers refer 50% more people who are 4 times more likely to place an order because they trust your brand. Additionally, referred customers are more loyal (higher NPS), spend more money (higher LTV and AOV), and refer more customers themselves.

Market more effectively to your existing customers that are more likely to purchase again

Repeat customers refer 50% more people, and referred customers are 4 times more likely to place an order because they can trust your brand.

Award your customers with points and rewards both before and after purchase. Incentivize them to come back and redeem their points and rewards.

Engage with your customers, let them do the rest...


Ekoma provides two complementary modules to create a deep customer experience towards loyalty and advocacy.


Loyalty Program

Referral Program

A Tailored Customer Experience

Your customers’ experience is our priority. Seamlessly integrate Ekoma with your store and gift your community with an engaging shopping experience.

Deep customization and branding

Customize your reward program to perfectly match the branding of your store without touching a line of code

Meaningful rewards & perks

From simple coupons to fully custom rewards, award your customers with meaningful incentives and drive effective campaigns.

Detailed analytics

Benefit from a high-end level of analytics to better understand your audience and convert more sales.

Integrations with your favorite tools

Ekoma is partnering with other powerful marketing tools such as Omnisend, Klaviyo, and JudgeMe. If your integration is not available, let us know about it!

Our Clients ❤️ Us...

Ekoma already integrates with some of your favorite apps and tools

And more are coming ... 😉