Customize Widget’s Texts

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Widget display settings

Customize the Widget's Texts

Ekoma’s widget is fully translatable and customizable. All texts are available to you to create a seamless experience for your customers.

Language Choice

By default, Ekoma offers customization of the widget’s texts in 5 different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch.

This dropdown selector is available in your Widget > Designer section under the tab “Display Settings“.

Widget designer menu

These options will automatically translate all the texts available in your widget as well as your default email content.

But if none of these options are good for you, don’t worry, we got you covered…

Change the language will update the default texts of your widget & email.

(Only the default texts will be updated)

Don't see your language? No problems, we have a solution!

If your language is not available in the dropdown described above, you can manually update all the texts of the widget.

Widget’s Texts

All of your widget’s texts are available in the Widget > Designer section of your administration panel. Once you reach this page, take a look at the right, and find the tab “Widget Texts“.

This tab holds every single default text of your widget. Feel free to update any one of these texts in the language that you want.

Widfget texts menu

Keep this in mind:

  1. If you update a text in this list and decide to switch language from the dropdown language selector, the updated text won’t be changed (it will hold the custom value you assigned).
  2. The email texts are not available in this list and cannot be overwritten at this moment (It might then be convenient to work off English by default).
order placed action

Loyalty Text Description

Ekoma’s loyalty program allows you to set up actions for your customers to receive points and rewards. As you will be able to see, some of the descriptions might be in the Widget Texts section, but you can overwrite the action description as we.

Doing so is very simple, all you have to do is select the action you want to modify (see the Loyalty Program section of your admin panel) and update the field named “Display title“.

PS: This option is only available for clients on the Growing plan and above.

If you have any question regarding these settings, feel free to reach out via email (support@ekoma.io)
or via the chat available in your admin panel.