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Ekoma + Omnisend

Omnisend is the ecommerce marketing automation platform built for growing ecommerce businesses.

Omnisend’s application for Ekoma synchronizes your customers’ data (points balance, referral link, birthday, and more). In addition, it allows you to handle all of your Ekoma’s email communication via their automation flow based on custom events.

In this article, we will cover everything from the installation to the set up and the customization of your emails.

Let’s get started!

Ekoma's application: Omnisend

Ekoma’s emailing system is very simple. It notifies your customers with an email every time they earn rewards. Even though the design will match the widget your designed, the content of this email is not customizable. Therefore, since It can be a problem for some of you, we decided to work with some of the most used email marketing platforms on the market.

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Linking Omnisend with Ekoma is very simple. Visit the Applications page and visit the marketplace (If you are not using any application yet, clicking on Applications will directly send you to the marketplace).

The Omnisend card will display information about what it what information is synchronized and what you can do with it.

In addition, you will find, underneath, the price of the application that will vary depending on the plan you are using. Finally, click on the to start the installation. Once you accepted the update of payment subscription, you can move on to setting up your account.

Note: Omnisend’s application is not available on our free tier.

omnisend ekoma

API Key generation

To set up your account, Ekoma requires you to provide an API Key generated in your Omnisend account.

If you don’t know how to generate an API Key?
Omnisend has an extensive article for you!

Note: In order to function properly, Ekoma requires the API key to give access to Events and Contacts.

Once your API key, save it in Ekoma. After receiving your credentials, Ekoma will synchronize your customers with Omnisend (It will synchronize your customers points balance, referral link, birthday and VIP tier. If a customer is in your Ekoma account but not in Omnisend, it will be created as un-subscribed)

Custom events mapping

Omnisend lets you handle Ekoma’s email campaign via their powerful automation flow.

This flow lets you create marketing automation based on custom events that you can synchronize with Ekoma.

To view the mapping table, simply click on the omnisend mapping custom event button button.



Create a custom event

If you don’t know how to create a custom event, please look at this amazing article from Omnisend.
Ekoma requires you to create a different custom event for each action that you wish to map. When creating the custom event, Omnisend will ask you for the attributes Ekoma will send them. Find, for each action, the list of attributes you need to map (see animated gif below).

omnisend attributes

Once you’re done creating the event, copy its ID and save it in the mapping table, for the associated action.

When saving, Ekoma will test to make sure it can access the event. If there is anything, wrong you should be prompted with an error message.

Email customization

When a customer performs an action that you linked with a custom event, Ekoma will trigger that custom event and Omnisend will trigger all automation flow related to this custom event.

When creating an email, you now have access to all the attributes you set up in your custom event. Simply use them by clicking the insert personalization omnisend (Insert personalization) icon at the bottom right corner of the text content editor, select Custom Event, and pick from the list of parameters (See animated gif below).

If you are lost in the process, Omnisend got you covered!

omnisend personalization

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