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Why use a referral program?

A referral program is a low cost and a very effective way to generate traffic from interested customers.
In fact, 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family.
These leads are warm leads because they come from a trusted source and are going to be far easier to convert.
Now that you know the power of the word of mouth, let’s build your referral program…

65% of consumers say that receiving rewards impacts their frequency of purchase.

Incentivize your Customers

Before starting, make sure you created all the rewards you need.
If you don’t know how to do it, we got you covered…

Reward your Advocates

Your brand advocates love your brand and they are your best marketers!

Ekoma was built to maximize their “word of mouth” abilities by rewarding them for each order placed by a new customer through their unique link.
Note: They will only be rewarded, for each new customer, placing an order via their unique link.

Reward your New Customers

Your new customers are the ones clicking on your brand advocate’s links.
They share your values and are interested in your message, but mostly, they are curious.
Consequently, it is important to reward them! Coupons are a great reward, here are a couple benefits:

  • It nudges them to make a purchase when arriving at your store.
  • It allows Ekoma to track your customer and reward your brand advocate.
coupon love

Reward senders and receivers equally, your referral will only be more efficient!

eg. Give $10 off Get $10 off

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Referral Settings

Each referral program is unique and creates a sense of belonging for your customers as well as a platform to share what they love about you.
Your customers need to trust your platform, and for that reason, branding is essential.
Don’t hesitate to customize your referral program by modifying elements like:

Referral Program Name

This is the name of your referral program, it seems obvious but “Referral Program” might not be as appealing as a personal branded name for your customers.

Branded referral programs are usually more successful than others, so… unleash your creativity!

Social Media Image, Title and Content

Create the look of what your brand advocate will share on social media by modifying the image displayed as well as the title and content of the post. These elements will have a huge impact on their willingness to share your referral program.
We like to make things easy for you so we put together a quick list of things to think about when creating your social media post:

  • Your branded image (with your logo) should show what you sell.
  • Inform your audience on what kind of deal you are offering them.
  • Make sure your message is short, clear and light.
  • Periodically refresh your content.
  • Be creative and have fun with whatever you share.

Oh, and finally… don’t forget to activate your reward program!

ps: If you are looking for inspiration, we got you covered!

People are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend.