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Ekoma + Stamped.io

Stamped.io is a tool that enables you to collect reviews from actual customers and use their words to promote your business, products, and services. The software lets you send emails automatically to your customers and requesting to provide reviews of their recent transactions.

Ekoma’s integration with Stamped.io allows you to reward your customers for leaving reviews on your store via their fantastic plugin.

In this article, you will learn how to activate your Stamped.io application and get the best out of it!

Ekoma's Integration with Stamped.io

Before starting, I have to let you know that Ekoma’s applications are only available in a paid tier.

Once subscribed to the Ekoma paid tier, simply go to the Applications section on the main menu. There you’ll find the Stamped.io Application.

The price of the application will vary depending on the plan you are using.
Finally, click on the
to start the installation. Once you accepted the update of the paid subscription, you can move on to setting up your account.

stamped.io with Ekoma

API Key & Set up

To set up your account, Ekoma requires you to provide your public API key, private API key, and the store hash.

If you don’t know how to find your credentials, follow this link.

Once you added all the parameters and saved, Ekoma will validate your credentials and automatically create a set up the connection between Ekoma and Stamped.io.

Reward Your Customers For Leaving Reviews 

Once your credentials are being saved on Ekoma, a new loyalty program action will be created for you.

stamped.io loyalty action