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How to create an engaging loyalty program

Set Up Your Rewards

When it comes to rewards, diversity is key for your customers. They all have different needs and covering them is a big part of making them feel appreciated.
We have created for you 3 rewards to get you started:

  • $5 off discount with a value of 500 points
  • $10 off discount with a value of 1000 points
  • $25 off discount with a value of 2500 points

Note: You can always delete these rewards and create new ones but keep in mind: Simplicity and clarity are also fundamental.

Pick from a wide variety of rewards including:

  • Fixed Amount Discounts
    (expressed in your store’s currency)
  • Percentage Discounts
  • Free Gift
  • Free Shipping

Customize your rewards in ways that support your brand and your customers. Rewards are great ways to make customers feel valued and important. When your customers are satisfied, they are likely to want to support your brand over your competitors.

Note: By default, Ekoma creates a 100 points for 1$ spent ratio on your store.
Feel free to change it to something more suitable for your brand and community

Ask your customers what rewards they would like.
Use polls, social media posts and mailing lists to receive feedback on their preferences.

Leverage your community to serve them better.

Customize Your Point System

Ekoma makes it easy for your customers to engage with your brand by providing rewards for every action. Rewards can be set up and customized to fit your store’s specific needs.
Additionally you can activate and deactivate actions by simply un-checking the action on the top right corner of each card.

You can reward your customers for a wide range of actions including:

  • Creating a store account
  • When their birthday comes
  • For each purchase they make
  • Engaging with your brand on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • And more …

It’s important to find a good balance within your point system. Offering too little or too many points per action and rewards can result in less engagement or difficulty managing rewards. Don’t sweat it! You can always adjust your points and rewards based on what suits you best.

Note: In the example on the right, When a customer place an order, the customer will receive 1 point for every dollar spent in addition of a “$5 off discount” coupon per order placed.

Use your store’s information and metrics!
When designing your unique points and rewards systems,
go for the options that support your customers’ existing needs and habits.

Design Your Widget

Customize your display so that it supports your brand. Use special colors, images, phrasing and other details to make it your own. Ekoma even gives you the ability to reposition your widget!

Not only does this help market your brand, it also makes your store’s user experience even better. Customers love to see colors and design that complement each other. We recommend keeping your design simple and consistent!

You’ll have access to the design of the following widget features:

Customize your widget with your brand logo both in the launcher and the card. Often customers feel that a pop-up on a store can be intrusive. By branding the launcher and the card with your logo, you will create consistency in your design which will help customers to participate in your reward program.

Greetings & Texts
Ekoma was designed to provide freedom of creation to the store owners. Most of the texts on the widget are editable and translatable (English, Spanish, French, Deutsch, …).

Colors & Branding
A widget is only as good as its branding. Customize everything from the positioning of the widget in the page, the background color or image, to the colors of the texts and buttons and many other options.

Branded images make you immediately recognizable to your customers
Use brand photography and logos to make your store stand out.

Finally… don’t forget to activate your widget!

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Copyright by Ekoma 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Ekoma 2019. All rights reserved.