Loyalty Program

Create long lasting relationships with your customers by rewarding them with points & rewards for positive actions taken to support your business. Leverage your loyalty program and engage with your audience.

Grow Your Business Efficiently

Loyalty programs are known to boost business growth, and we witness it everyday…

Leverage Your Customers

Ekoma offers tons of positive actions that your customers can take to support your brand. For each action, specify what rewards you wish to provide and the behavior of each action. We are regularly adding new actions to the list!

Account Creation

Customer Birthday

Placing Orders

Leave Review

Facebook Like

Twitter Follow

Instagram Follow

Facebook Share

Twitter Share



Reward Meaningfully


Attach as many points & rewards you wish per loyalty actions…

start building

Custom Actions

Available on our paid plans, custom actions allow you to reward your customers for any action that could benefit your stores. With Ekoma, create actions that you can manually trigger for your customers, or via HTTP requests (API).

You can now reward your customers for all sorts of positive actions:

  • Leaving reviews 
  • Subscribing to your newsletter
  • Opening your emails
  • And a lot more…

Creating engaging strategies has never been that easy!

Nurture Your Customers

Keep an attentive eye on your customers with Ekoma’s user-friendly interface. Check reports on their habits with the analytics. Adjusting your customers’ balance in just a few clicks. Synchronize their data with your favorite marketing emailing platforms.

Provide them with a great shopping experience.

customer growth