Referral program

Boost your customer acquisition at no extra cost with a solid referral program.
Reach like-minded customers and grow your community efficiently.

Get Ekoma now!

Grow your customer base and your revenue in just a few clicks!

Let your brand advocate do the job

Launch a tailored referral program designed to promote customer advocacy to supercharge your acquisition strategy.

Help your new customer

Convert referred visitors to customers by providing them with greetings and rewards.

Support your brand advocates

With Ekoma, you can reward your brand advocates for referring new customers. Incentivize their effort to share your brand and reward them for each new visitor converted.

Reach the perfect audience

Reach loads of qualified leads with a strong referral program.
Your advocate network are far more likely to share the same values, click on their referral link and engage with your brand.

Incentivized repeat referral

Reward your advocates for each successful referral, reward your new customers to convert sales and transform them into long-term clients.
Tailor the perfect strategy to match your needs and boost your customer acquisition and retention with powerful rewards.

Fixed discounts

Percentage discounts

Free deliveries


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Copyright by Ekoma 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Ekoma 2019. All rights reserved.