rewards front end

Rewards & Perks

Ekoma provides you with a very diverse set of rewards to create a unique and immersive program. All rewards can be redeemed as points or simply set as a reward for certain actions. With Ekoma, you are in control of your program.

Program Currency

The loyalty point is the cornerstone of the reward program. Assign points to actions so your customers can use them to redeem different kind of rewards that they like best (Coupon codes, experiences, etc…). Brand your points with Ekoma to give your program a more personal touch.


Discount Coupons

Coupons are the most common type of reward stores usually offer. With Ekoma, you can provide 3 types of coupons:

  • Money value discounts (e.g. $10 discount)
    Note: This type of reward will be expressed in your store currency.
  • Percentage discounts (e.g. 10% discount)
  • Free Shipping discounts.


Ekoma allows you to create free SKU(s) to give away in the form of coupons. From our intuitive interface, simply select the product you wish to give away, and if you want it to be redeemable against points.  You can also attach this reward to any action you have activated.

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Custom Rewards

When it comes to rewards, you need to think big. Sometimes big means bigger than the realm of your store. With Ekoma, you can create custom rewards. Think outside the box and give everything you want away (Amazon gift cards, customized, unique experiences). Once a customer redeems your custom rewards, you will receive an email with your customer’s information to get in contact with them and arrange the transaction.