Ekoma + Shopify

Rewards Program Tailored to YOUR Needs

Three complementary rewards mechanisms to create an engaging experience for your customers (Starting at $0/month 🙀🔥🔥).

Loyalty Program

Reward your customers for positive actions taken to support your brand. Benefit from a wide range actions like: order placement, account creation, social media sharing/following, and a lot more!

Referral Program

Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing strategy you could use. Reward new customers referred on your store to convert them more easily. Reward your advocate once their referrals place their first order.

VIP Program

Keep your customers engaged and challenge. Create tailored VIP program based on criteria that benefit YOUR store such as: referrals made, points earned, money spent, or orders placed.


Beautiful UI, Fully Customizable

Fun and easy to use UI that integrates fully with your store. No need for your customers to create a separate account, or for you to generate manually discount codes.

Ekoma is transparent and frictionless for your customers!

Rewards & Perks

Ekoma provides you with a very diverse set of rewards to create a unique and immersive program. All rewards can be redeemed against points or simply set as a prize for your customers to perform certain actions.

With Ekoma, you are in control of your program!

Customer Management

Ekoma provides you with a complete set of useful tools to manage your customers. From our user-friendly interface, visualize and research your customers.

Access their complete timeline as a member of your reward program and easily adjust their balance (manually, or in bulk import).

Understand your customers journey to serve them better, and adding value where it matters for them.

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Create a customer community and transform them into powerful advocates. Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department...

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