Shopify + Ekoma

Install Ekoma on your Shopify store and launch your reward program in just few clicks

Highly Customizable

Give to your customers the gift of a beautiful, fun, engaging, non-intrusive and mobile-first customer experience.

Welcome them the best possible way and boost your repeat purchases, average order value and revenue!

Truly Powerful

Tailor the perfect reward program to fit your brand.
Reward your customers with Shopify coupons.

Fixed discounts

Percentage discounts

Free deliveries

Custom Freebies

Easy setup and management

From Shopify’s administration panel, log in directly into your Ekoma’s account without authentication.
Use our intuitive interface to create your reward program, activate your modules and let your customers take care of your marketing.

Unified Customer Experience

Your customer’s experience is our priority.
Their Ekoma’s account is linked seamlessly to your store providing them with a smooth shopping experience.

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Copyright by Ekoma 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Ekoma 2019. All rights reserved.