rewards front end


All of your engagement program in one powerful and easy-to-use widget.

Simple And Easy To Use UI

Fun and eay to use UI that integrates fully with your store. No need for your customers to create a separate account, or for you to generate manually discount codes. Ekoma is transparent and frictionless for your customers!

Design And Customize

Your widget should feel like it belongs to your store, and it shouldn’t be complicated!
Branding is essential, and a widget should integrate in the branding to create a consistent experience for your customers.
With over 30 unique options, create the program that works for YOU!

Mobile Experience

More and more visitors are shopping from their phones. Your customers shouldn’t suffer from bad experience because they are using another device.
This is why Ekoma’s widget is designed for mobile first, providing a simple and fun experience on every device.


Your business might not need a loyalty, a referral, and a VIP program all at once. Pick and choose what works for YOU and offer an engagement strategy that works for your brand!


Wording and language is essential! You shouldn’t have to make some concession about that. Ekoma comes out of the box in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, and Dutch).
Each text element of the widget is modifiable as well from the admin panel. You can then easily translate the UI in absolutely any language.

Widget Notifications

Catch you customers attention to show them what’s important! Ekoma’s widget notifications allow you to display contextual pop-ups based on certain criteria.
E.g. Display certain pop-ups for customers logged-in, only on certain pages.
Add a CTA to your pop-up and guide your customers to one the widget’s page, or simply an external URL like a promotion on your store, or maybe a special landing page.